Institute of Silicate Chemistry of RAS


Invited Speakers


A. Apostolico (Italy) Combinatorial Pattern Discovery in Biosequences.

L.A. Bityuzkaya (Russia) Dynamical Self-Organized Fullerite Structures.

V.A. Blatov (Russia) Computer Analysis of Intermetallic Compounds: Microcluster Approach.

N.P. Dolbilin (Russia) Parallelohedra: Old Problems and New Results.

A.V. Efimov (Russia) Novel Structural Trees and Their Application to Protein Folding and Modeling.

J.-G. Eon (Brazil) What Do We Know about Non-crystallographic Nets?

S.K. Filatov (Russia) Thermal Rising of Symmetry in Nano- and Macroworlds.

G.D. Ilyushin (Russia) Cluster Self-organization of Crystal-forming Systems: Suprapolyhedral Nanoclusters-precursors and Mechanism of Self-assembling Icosahedral Structures MgCu2 (cF24), ZrZn22 (cF184) and Mg2Al3 (cF1168).

S.V. Krivovichev (Russia) Finite Automata and Local Theorem as Applied to the Lovozerite-type Structures.

V.D. Lakhno (Russia) Charge Transfer in DNA and Nanobioelectronics.

S. Leoni (Germany) Understanding Polymorphism in the Bulk and in Nanomaterials: Topological Concepts and Numerical Approaches.

R. Mosseri (France) On Peculiar Aspects of Geometrical Frustration with Cylindrical Geometries or Confinement.

W. Schubert (Germany) Toponome Imaging Microscopy MELC/TIS in Cell Biology and Translational Medicine.

O.A. Shilova (Russia) Self-organization Processes in Tetraethoxysilane-derived Sol-Gel Systems under Influence of Inorganic and Organic Modifying Substances.

I.G. Tananaev (Russia) Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Nuclear Industry, Radiochemistry and Radioecology.

Y. Teshima (Japan) Continuous Deformation Extending over Three Sphere Packing Structure-simple, Body-centered and Face-centered Cubic Structures.

A.A. Vazina (Russia) Pulling as a Determinative Factor in Formation of the Heterophasic Structure of Multidomain Proteins of Immunoglobulin Superfamily.

B.B. Venkov (Russia) Dense Lattices and Energy Minimization.


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